Our Connection With Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Our Relationship with the Children’s Hospital of Michigan

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation was organized in 2003 to help supplement the fundraising efforts of Children’s Hospital. In 2012, the Detroit Medical Center, including the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, was acquired by Vanguard Health Systems, an investor-owned hospital company.

This new relationship has brought significant new capital investment to improve Children’s facilities and services for children and families.  For example, in 2012 Vanguard will unveil the new Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center in Detroit, featuring a variety of clinical services in an expanded, more convenient and accessible space.

The sale of Children’s Hospital prompted the strategic restructure of the Foundation, enabling the nonprofit organization to continue fundraising to support the health and welfare of area children. As a for-profit, the Children’s Hospital is no longer eligible to retain tax-deductible donations. The Foundation has now fully assumed this important role, and in 2011, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office approved the transfer of some $90 million in restricted charitable gifts to the Foundation.

Today, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation boldly continues the Hospital’s charitable legacy, raising funds to support pediatric research, medical education, and child health advocacy conducted by the Hospital.

We accomplish this by working with experts at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan to identify healthcare programs, research and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on improving the health of young people and families.

In fact, our close working relationship with some of the greatest minds in pediatric medicine is what uniquely positions the Foundation to make the most meaningful and lasting impact in our community and beyond. Few foundations have ready access to the experience and expertise that consistently ranks Children’s Hospital among the world’s most reputable pediatric hospitals. It certainly takes the guesswork out of grant making.