Pediatric Medical Education

Support for medical education ensures that physicians and healthcare staff have access to the latest information, techniques, and training in order to provide the best care for children. Medical education funds provide support for staff to attend medical/health profession conferences and seminars where they can share information with the best and brightest in their fields. Donations also support international lecture series, where noted pediatricians or scientists present groundbreaking findings to physicians and other healthcare providers. Gifts also help support educational visits by noted pediatric experts who provide lectures and training to the next generation of pediatricians and to caregivers and families.

The Foundation currently supports several pediatric medical education programs* that ensure that students, nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers have access to the latest training and information:

  • Annual Clinic Days Medical Education Lectures and Conference
  • Burn Care Education
  • Cardiology Education
  • Child Life Training and Development
  • Critical Care Education
  • Hemophilia Infusion Fair
  • Nursing Education
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Conference
  • Psychiatry and Psychology Conference
  • Social Work Training and Development
  • Substance Abuse Conference

*Not all programs are listed.

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